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Anonymous asked: do you like austin mahone


I have no idea who that is, sorry :)

can’t wait until june when I’ll finally get to see them and one direction live, two days in a row

I’m already freaking out


Please stop blaming the swedish fandom or even the fandom in general for what one person did. 

honestly I don’t even think they remember these things everyone’s so upset about (eventhough it’s really annoying) because it was so many other great things that happened for them today. They went to the other side of the world to perform in front of an audience who sang along to all of their songs. That’s quite big when you think about it and I’m happy for them today. The audience behaved very well, don’t blame them or the swedish fandom for what someone did when they went to see the fans earlier the same day. I’m really not defending what she/they did cause they can go f*ck themselves seriously but don’t blame anyone other than them.

sry for bad english.

and this is why I’ll always love caleb

Anonymous asked: Did it predict that Jason was the killer? Can you link us the article you read?


««««< SPOILER ALERT »»»»»»

««««< SPOILER ALERT »»»»»»

No according to that summary of a script it wasn’t Jason, even if that summary of the script isn’t correct I still don’t think it’s Jason since that would be too obvious :) I can’t link it cause it was someone’s very long comment on a facebook picture on the PLL-page!

I think I just broke up with Pretty Little Liars, I’m done. I’m not even excited there’ll be a fifth season anymore

(kind of a spoiler alert)

I read some kind of summary of a script a few days ago in a facebook-comment about what was going to be said in tonights episode and that was 100% correct, in that script it also said who A is in the next season and if that’s also correct it would really really suck. Not in a evil “oh no you didn’t” kind of way more of a “oh god that’s the most boring storyline ever” kind of way.. like did I wait 5 seasons for this? Hell no

I’m done 

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